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111 founders, 69 startups, 1 goal

We just started our 12-months accelerator program as part of the scholarship. We are proud to support the amazing group of 111 founders on their entrepreneurial journey to build a great business. In addition to funding by, the program includes:

  • Education content and workshops on core startup skills.

  • Practical examples and breakout sessions to apply the newly learned skills.

  • Founder talks with startup CEOs who share their experiences, wins, and pain.

A Diverse Group of Founders

The kick-off was all about offering the founders a safe space to connect and collaborate. Our pre-event survey shows the various backgrounds of our founders, reflecting the full beauty of the startup community.

  • 31% Female Founders: While still too low, a 31% share of female founders is encouraging, compared to the <20% from the last Startup Monitor.

  • 77% are first-time founders and 17% are on their second startup.

  • 36% already reached MVP, and about a quarter each even have first customers or repeat revenues, respectively.

Learning and sharing across stages ensures that no one has to walk that path alone. Throughout our accelerator program, founders will share their pains and gains, which is one of our prime goals.

Founder Talk with Tim Grossmann

We invited Tim Grossmann, founder of Explo, to talk about the ups and downs of his startup journey. He supports GenZs, in finding and sharing their travel inspiration using short videos. The app is already in the app stores, and his priority is to grow the creator base and get new users with appealing content and offline guerilla marketing tactics.

His key takeaways in promoting his product and building a company are:

  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes: Analysis paralysis is real. However, you can read all the books and articles and still make mistakes when implementing what you learned. Failing is part of the process.

  • Delegate, delegate, delegate: As a founder, it is your job to grow the business and keep your team together (especially when you are all working remotely). Leave specific operational tasks to your experts.

  • Your network is your net worth: Finding the right people for your business can be challenging. Tim found a team of developers and designers through friends and colleagues: Your network is one of your most important assets as a founder.

  • The 5-minute rule: Finding investors is not easy and very time-consuming for both sides. Once they acquire a qualified lead, Tim and his team keep their pitches short and sweet to keep investors engaged. There is no need to push every piece of information onto the investors; if they are intrigued, they will ask questions about the business.

Tim already benefited from the experience of founding his own company. “I am all in because I know what’s there to gain. You're not just growing a business; you grow as a person”.

Preview: Collaboration with experienced founders

Working with Tim Grossmann and his experiences are a great example of our accelerator program and coaching; it’s not only about the growth of the business but also the growth of the person, our victories, our failures, and learnings. Throughout that journey, we’ll combine a mix of education, practical learning, and collaboration with experienced founders of the Moinland community.

Thanks to the state of Rhineland-Palatinate for supporting the startup community; we are grateful for the opportunity to accompany the founders on their entrepreneurial journey.

Do you need support for growing your startup?

Have you already started your company, are generating your first revenues, and are now ready to grow your business fast? Get in contact with us, and let’s find out if our coaching may also be helpful for you and your startup.


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