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We help startup founders grow.

Moinland is a community of startup CEOs who know firsthand that building a company can be a long and sometimes lonely journey.

Adding Value & Care

Venture Portfolio

Provide your portfolio companies with the support they deserve. Our Moinland Coaches help your startup founders to scale and grow. What a great way to demonstrate you care.

Building Communities

Startup Programs

Incubators and accelerators are integral to the startup community. Elevate your program with experienced startup CEOs you can authentically share from personal experiences.

Leading by Example

Founder Coaching

Our Moinland Coaches are founders and startup CEOs who have been in your shoes. Their passion and experience give you the support to scale yourself and your business. 

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What to expect: We'll reach out to you via email and offer to schedule a call. If you're not ready, keep it in your inbox until you're ready. We'll keep you updated anyway. We know time is precious and promise to only share the good stuff. You can unsubscribe at any time.  

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