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About Moinland

Moinland is a community of founders and startup CEOs who know first hand that building a company can be a long and sometimes lonely journey. Our coaching is based on that shared experience of starting, scaling and sometimes failing our startups.

The Moinland Community

The founders, the makers, the creators are the true heroes of our story. Not because of their exits, their IPOs or their large valuations. But because of their ideas, passion and all the experiences they made on their entrepreneurial journey. Let us introduce some of them to you:

The Team Behind Moinland

Stephanie and Daniel, the Moinland co-founders, couldn't be more different. Yet, they share the same passion for the startup community. Both had their share of success and struggle as founders, as CEOs and as parents.

Vision, Mission, Values

We founded Moinland with the vision of startup CEOs to become the core drivers for an open startup culture that encourages entrepreneurial minds to take risks and create value. Our mission is to make startup life less lonely by supporting the community of startup CEOs to coach the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Be Transparent

We believe in being open, accessible and clear. We will represent ourselves and our intentions honestly and share as much as we can. 

Be Open Minded

We treat everyone with respect and value your unique individuality. We are intellectually curious and strive to continuously learn and grow.

Be Human

We are grateful for the opportunities we have. We like to have fun. We assume positive intent and are not shy to say ‘I am sorry’ when we screw up.

Founder Aimée-Louise Carton

Aimée-Louise Carton

#mentalhealth #mobile #europe #wellbeing #femalefounder #cofounder

Founder, CEO, Speaker, Dog Lover, Mountain Runner

Founder Markus Dopp

Markus Dopp

#mobile #product #europe

#USA #remote #demo

Founder, CEO, CTO, Father, Pilot, Cyclist, DIY

Founder Miriam Wohlfarth

Miriam Wohlfarth

#fintech #femalefounder #payment #vorausdenkerin

Founder, CEO, Speaker, Mom, Board Member

Anna Kaiser

#femalefounder #tandemployvibes #unternehmenskultur #software

Founder, CEO, LinkedIn Top Voice, Mentor

Founder Markus von Aschoff

Markus von Aschoff

#customersuccess #businessmodels #strategy #servantleadership

Founder, GM, Father, Martial Arts, Well-Being, Early Riser

Founder Stefanie Lightman

Stefanie Lightman

#marketing #USA

#rightbattles #positioning

Founder, COO, Marketer, New Yorker, Cake Artist

Founder Stephanie Renda

Stephanie Renda

#mobile #iot #politics #cofounder #germany #femalefounder #worklifebalance

Founder, CEO, Fast Talker, Single-Mom, Care Taker

Founder Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft

#positioning #strategy #models #USA #Germany #b2b #wellbeing

Founder, CEO, Father of Five, World Traveler, Story Teller

Moinland Founder Stephanie Renda

Stephanie Renda


Stephanie has been the co-founder and CEO of four startups with a focus on mobile, IoT and bio sensors.

She is an advocate for female entrepreneurship, an executive member of the German Startup Association and Vice-Chair of the ‘Young Digital Economy’ Advisory Board to the German Secretary of Commerce.

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Moinland Founder Daniel Kraft

Daniel Kraft


Daniel has been the founder and CEO of five startups, some successful and all leading to great learning experiences. His track record includes an IPO, pivots, spin-offs and several M&A exits.

He has been living and working on three continents. Currently he and his family of seven lives in 100+ years old house in a nature reserve near the northern shore of Germany.

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