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Lighthouse on an island

Coaching based on a

shared startup experience

Popular Themes & Challenges

While each coaching journey is individual, we’ve seen a series of themes and challenges to be of interest to many of our startup CEOs.  

Focus on what mattes

What Matters

What is important and why? What is your north star and how to track the path there.

Keep learning as a CEO

Keep Learning

Wonder how other CEOs do it? What are the books to read, what are the tools to use.

CEO Stay productive

Stay Productive

How to make sure that there is still life at the end of a busy day. Learn how to stay productive and scale.

What is the right valuation

Talk about Money

What is the right valuation? What are you worth? How much room should money take in your mind?

Find someone to share with


How to communicate the unsharable? What if nobody understands you?

Budgets, Business Plan, Reports

Budget & Reports

What is the right balance between Excel hell and a lack of transparency? 

NIHITO Meet customers


Nothing interesting happens in the office. How to stay in touch with customers and the market.

Work remote


How to stay in touch with remote teams, how to home office, how to be truly global?

Startup Coaching by startup CEOs

All our coaches are current or former startup CEOs or founders. Our coaching is based on that shared startup experience. Some have a formal coaching education, most don't. We hope to give you a competitive edge by having an experience startup CEO at your site.



You are working directly with your dedicate coach on the challenges you are facing.



You are meeting every two weeks for your 1:1 session - you are owning the agenda.



Your dedicate coach is providing access to the entire community of coaches. 


Base (beta)

You and your coach have access to an ever growing base of resources and best practices.

We know the term coaching is the cause of many debates. We respect that some define our work as coaching, mentoring or advising. We hope that being transparent about our approach helps you to make an informed decision about working with us.

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