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A Shared

Startup Experience.

Great Leaders

Leadership is a craft that needs work. We coach founders who strive to become great leaders. We draw from practical leadership skills developed in working with more than 250 founders like you. While every coaching journey is different, we have seen a series of themes many of you are challenged with.

team brainstorming on business plan

Business Clarity

"Our idea is taking off, and we're building a real business. Yet, it still feels like the business drives us and not us driving the business."

group picture of founders at moinland event

Leadership Clarity

"We're a great team but what got us here is not getting us to where we want to be. Addressing our leadership gap was painfully needed."

co-working space for moinland founders

Relationship Clarity

"First we had no money. Now fundraising and managing a board is an additional full-time job nobody prepared me for." 

founder distracted by smartphone

Mental Clarity

"Starting the business was easy. Running it for many years is a completely different picture. Focusing on what is important and my well-being is something I learned the hard way."

Banxware founder Miriam Wohlfarth
JIGX founder Markus Dopp

Miriam Wohlfarth

Founder, CEO, Board

Banxware, Ratepay, freenet, Startup Teens

Markus Dopp

Founder, CEO, CTO

RedDot, Sitrion, JIGX

Patrick Barnert

Founder, CEO, Board

IDUN, Sonect, Advance Metrics, Evolute, Qumram

Tina Klüwert

Founder, CEO

KIEZ, 4Com, parlamind

Anna Kaiser

Founder, CEO, Investor

Phenom, Tandemploy, encourage ventures, Deep Skill

Daniel Kraft

Founder, CEO

Moinland, Limeade, Sitrion, ifridge, RedDot

Stephanie Renda

Founder, CEO, Board

Moinland, ambiotex, match2blue, Startup Verband

Stefanie Lightman

Founder, COO, CMO

Eigen Technologies, Limeade, Sitrion, ifridge, RedDot

Markus von Aschoff

Founder, COO, GM

Limeade, Sitrion, ifridge, OpenText, RedDot

Aimée-Louise Carton

Founder, CEO

KeepAppy, World Health Organization

We Are Founders

Our coaches share your startup experience. How else can someone understand you unless they walk in your shoes? Benefit from the experience of the community of founders committed to supporting you. 

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