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You Have Earned These Challenges

In our last coaching session, a founder came to the conclusion that she couldn’t succeed in her current setting. She has passion and a deep understanding of the problem she is solving, but there is no way this will turn into a scaling business.

As we talk through the situation, she mentions everything she has learned, the unforgettable moments of clarity, and the pride for all the challenges she overcame. Her eyes spark when talking about the customer praise she has received, and you can sense the passion when she talks about the lives she has made better.

As founders, we face new and ever-growing challenges every day. Getting funding, finding people, winning deals, reaching product-market-fit, or replacing parts of the leadership team.

In the midst of these battles, we often overlook the blessed situation we’re actually in. We have earned these challenges! We have worked so hard to be allowed to address the next level.

🔥 You struggle with your Series B?

😇 You secured a Series A and earned this challenge!

🔥 You have to upgrade your leadership team?

😇 You have grown the business and earned this challenge!

🔥 You are spending every waking hour thinking about the business?

😇 You have built something you deeply care about and earned this challenge!

You might go public or secure a big exit. Or you have to close shop, fire all employees, and return only a fraction of the cash you raised from your investors. Those are just the milestones on your founder journey.

Being challenged in ways most won’t even understand is the founder’s privilege.

Enjoy it.


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