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Letting Go

As founders, we often struggle to let go. Especially when we get excited about something. This is more than delegating but about the fear of losing control and not being on top of things.

🔥 The team isn’t ready

The team isn’t ready is one of the first explanations many of you shared with us. You‘ve experienced how things go south when you take your eye off the ball too early. Yet, when we’re digging deeper, we often learn that it might actually be:

👻 I am not ready yet.

There are several reasons: Trust, your relationship to make decisions, and the fear of not “working” enough. And, in some rare cases, it is actually the fact that part of the team has let you down, and you got burned.

Maybe the following questions allow you to take a step back:

🐡 What kind of leader do I want to be?

🐡 How can I help the team to grow?

🐡 What happens if I let go?

🐡 What needs to happen for me to let do?

🐡 What does my behavior do to the business?

Let your answers guide you to your path forward. Leading is real work. And working on your leadership approach is also real work. Spending time on this is your core job.

We have a little sign on the fridge door: “Letting go, always letting go.” It refers to our parenting and our relationship with our kids. But it also applies well to building a business and allowing it to become something bigger than ourselves.

What is your letting-go story?


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