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Startups Fail, Founders Grow: Switching the Mindset from Fault-finding to Opportunity.

Many of us are trapped with the idea of our startup success as a yes or no question. Do I make it or not? The reality is that startups that work are the exception, and failure is the norm. We’ve worked with over 250 founders, and those who succeed often fail first. In other words, startups fail, but founders grow.

Hanging on to a failing idea is a mental drain. Accelerated by the never give up BS, our industry carries like a badge of honor. But resilience is not about enduring pain but maintaining mental clarity when shit hits the fan. I am not to glorify startup failures or suggest you give up faster. I am proposing to make peace with reality to increase your mental clarity.

Two Voices in the Founder’s Head

Let me share the two voices our founders mention in our coaching sessions when something doesn’t go their way. One is the inner critic looking for fault and ways to blame, often themself (I failed) or the environment (they don’t get it). The other voice is the inner sage, searching for opportunities (how can I learn from this?).

I really like the picture of the two voices. There is a fine line between the two, and the inner debate can get really loud. It shows that we have options. We can hang on to the past or accept reality as a fact. Switching the mindset from fault-finding to opportunity is such a powerful mental tool. It gives us a chance to focus on our creativity and explore new ideas - the essence of being a founder.

What are the voices in your head talking about?


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