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Scaling the WHY - How to read your investors / customers minds

In the startup world we love our metrics 📈 . ARR, LTV, CAC, you name it. Many of them are growth related as a key element of the startup culture. Others are performance or margin oriented like EBITDA or the Rule of 40. They are a quantitative representation of our actions and the impact on the behavior of our prospects and customers.

What about the Why?

We know we should always start with the Why. Leaders need the ability to inspire (to close the big deals). But why doesn’t the investor send a term sheet? Why does the customer purchase the new IPA from the cool indie brewery? How do you know if you inspire somebody? Of course you can ask but the Why is still incredibly hard to scale.

Is there a way to measure the why, that emotional miracle that happens when your heart says: Yes, I love it! ❤️ I had the opportunity to dive deep on this with Scott and the amazing team at Immersion. They have built a neuroscience platform that allows you to measure how your target audience engages with an experience, e.g. your startup pitch 🚀 or your video ad. It’s an easy to use cloud based tool that can identify the moment the audience falls in love with your product or service.

The moment your audience falls in love

Imagine you can place a CTA right at that moment of highest engagement? Bam 💥 deal closed! As a marketer you can now test your messaging before you spend a single dollar on advertisement. In fact, you can predict the (emotional) success of your content with an 85% accuracy. How is that for startup metrics?

Talking about startups. SunRamp, an accelerator for healthtech, is using the platform to measure the performance of startup pitches. They are able to pin down the level of audience engagement for every slide of the pitch deck second by second. With that data, your next investor pitch could be like reading your investors’ minds.

Are you a founder and like to test your pitch? Are you a marketer and like to test your messaging? Sign up for a free trial or ping me and we’ll get you started.

Measurement of immersion / engagement during investor pitch.
Engagement at Investor Pitch


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